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Redefining Motherhood

Kelly Luu, MD
Pediatrician and Coach

Redefining what's possible

Ever feel like you are meant for more? 

You are a mom, something you had envisioned for yourself for as long as you can remember. 

It is a role that you cherish and love.  But it still feels like something is missing.  

You're told to survive - it will get better soon. 

But you don't want to be resigned to just surviving, especially doing something that you've always wanted. 


There's a whole side of you that's has been consumed by motherhood, and that part of you wants to shine. 

When we have kids, we let go of a little bit of ourselves to make space for the parenting journey.  A journey which is full of beauty and joy but also exhaustion.  

Somehow we manage.  

We manage by making time for all the people in our lives: our children, our partner, our family, our colleagues, strangers.  

Everybody but ourselves.  
You know that there must be more than this.  

You don't feel complete.

Let's get out of that box.  
We don't have to merely survive, we can thrive.  
We can have all the things AND feel good about it.  
You're ready.  You've arrived.  Let's get started. 


About Me

Hello. Kelly here.  Nice to meet you.  I am incredibly honoured that you're here. 

​I've had two becomings in my life - first in medicine and then in parenthood.  I'm here do things a little differently.  I'm here to create communities of women supporting each other to thrive. 


I'm a pediatrician and have hopes of changing the life trajectories of my patients.  This is the beauty of working with children - you can make a difference to their future.  

I found coaching when I realized that what I was doing wasn't enough.  I couldn't just tell my patients what they needed to do, I also needed to help them achieve their goals.  

Then I become a mother to two beautiful boys (👦🏻 ,👼🏻) and realized that I could not parent the way I intended, with patience and empathy, unless I was truly caring for myself.  So now, I am doctor for children, and a coach for mothers - promoting wellness for the entire family.    

Working in healthcare is hard and parenting is harder still.  Kudos to you for being here 🙌🏿.  Let's make the journey a little easier by investing in ourselves and giving to each other.  💛


Mama Thrive Collective

This is the space that you didn't know you needed.  

In this 6 week virtual program, you will finally find 2 hours each week to exhale. 

With the help of 4-8 other women, you will learn about yourself in ways that you have not known before.

You will find your strength and light by seeing it reflected in the women around you.  

We will learn to

  • think deliberately

  • stop habits that are holding us back

  • dream about our best selves

  • use our feelings as fuel for life

We use discussion, writing prompts, poems, and quotes.  

You will leave with a solid toolbox of skills to use when you're feeling anxious, unmotivated, or stuck.  

Pay what you want (suggested $500/6 weeks)


1:1 Coaching

Think of me as the flashlight on your journey to finding yourself.  Together, we will discover who you are when we step away from the chaos and the thoughts that are holding you back.  


With this awareness, you will be able to see all the inner wisdom that you're holding.  You will see yourself and the things you want more clearly. I will light a path to help guide your emotional, cognitive, and spiritual self back to authenticity.


This is for you if you 

  • You are ready to be a mindful, present parent

  • You want each day and moment to be filled with joy

  • You want to be more than "mom" and can't figure out how to make this happen

  • Need more flexibility than a weekly program

Min 3 month commitment.  1 hour calls weekly to biweekly.  $1800/3 month



I had no idea what coaching was and it was so much more than I thought.  

I left with concrete things to try to take forward with my future challenges and I feel that I can go back to this material and review these skills

I learned to trust others and trust myself and be okay with my own feelings

I was able to get clarity on my thoughts, get clarity on my goals and priorities and clarity on how to move the needle forward in my life

I realized how much of my life I have built on what other people want!  I cannot think of a time when I have not worried about what other people think.  

After each session I feel more at peace and energized.  I am able spend the rest of my week in a more posiitve light.  

I discovered that overall, I am happy with my life and that I can embrace the small moments with joy even if all the puzzle pieces don't fit perfectly


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for physicians only? 
Although I understand the intricacies of motherhood and medicine well, as a pediatrician I work with the whole family.   Anybody who identifies as a mother is welcomed. 


Why pay what you want/can?
I know that how much we can pay is sometimes related to the circumstances in our lives and sometimes related to our mindset about how much we're willing to spend on ourselves.  I don't want those two factors to hold us back.  

Do we meet in person?
Everything is done virtually via zoom or phone.  

What is coaching anyway? 
Coaching is a collaboration between you and me (client) and is completely driven by your wants and needs.  I create a space for you to be heard, seen, and supported. I help you reveal all the possibilities that you have within you.

Are you a doctor? Or a coach?
Both!  I practice clinical medicine and run a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic in Vancouver, BC.  I am a Duke University trained health coach.  I have been part of the Life Coach School Scholars program.  I am currently completing Tara Mohr's Playing Big Facilitators Training.  I estimate that I meet, on average, 10 new mothers a week; that's 3,840 moms since I've started practicing medicine (wow!).  This is what makes me unique as a coach.  Through my many conversations with mothers, I have seen the struggles that we all face and how moms can thrive despite the hardest of circumstances.  

What should I expect?
You will get out of it as much as you put in.  
At first you'll just feel different but won't know why.  You'll begin to feel more empowered and start to be aware of all the thoughts you have every day.  You'll feel more in control of yourself and find that you can deliberately change your state.  You'll be less reactive, more calm, more confidence, and more resilient.  Your children and your spouse might start to notice!  Around three months it will become more natural, less effortful, and you'll start to show up as the mother/person you've always known you could be.  Then gets fun after that. 💛



Let's hang out

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